Meeting Developmental Milestones 0-3: The Why and How (E-Book)


This ebook is made up of color-coded cards covering early childhood development in the areas of: Cognitive/Social/Behavior, Language, Fine Motor/Self Help Skills/Sensory, Mobility/Gross Motor

Includes: Practical tips to help your child meet his developmental milestones through play and daily routines, at home, daycare, grandparent’s house, etc.


  • Top 10 Strategies for Challenging Behavior
  • Top 10 Strategies for Developing Pre-Speech Skills
  • What is Sensory Processing?
  • How Much Should My Younger Toddler Eat? 12-23 Months
  • 6 Signs Your Child is Ready to Start Potty Training
  • Top 15 Positions to Promote Symmetrical Development
  • Top 10 Benefits of Crawling