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  • Get Moving! (Ages 0-3) Parenting Class Feb 2021


    Are you looking for meaningful opportunities to move and play with your child? Join our parenting class on movement to learn what you can be doing at home today to encourage your child’s development.

    Presented by Allison Grissom, BFA Dance, MEd Early Intervention, Autism Specialization, Developmental Specialist. Allison leads you through three sessions with opportunities for your child to join.

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  • Growing Brain (Ages 0-3) Parenting Class Feb 2021


    Did you know that by age 6, your child’s brain is 95% of its adult size? Join The Growing Brain Seminar to learn more about how you can impact your child’s brain growth and overall development in the first years of life.

    Presented by Lauren Russell, B.S. Early Childhood Education, MEd Early Intervention, Autism Specialization, Developmental Specialist. Lauren leads you through three sessions.

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  • Meeting Developmental Milestones 0-3: The Why and How (E-Book)


    This ebook is made up of color-coded cards covering early childhood development in the areas of: Cognitive/Social/Behavior, Language, Fine Motor/Self Help Skills/Sensory, Mobility/Gross Motor

    Includes: Practical tips to help your child meet his developmental milestones through play and daily routines, at home, daycare, grandparent’s house, etc.


    • Top 10 Strategies for Challenging Behavior
    • Top 10 Strategies for Developing Pre-Speech Skills
    • What is Sensory Processing?
    • How Much Should My Younger Toddler Eat? 12-23 Months
    • 6 Signs Your Child is Ready to Start Potty Training
    • Top 15 Positions to Promote Symmetrical Development
    • Top 10 Benefits of Crawling


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